Who are Taking Courses Online?

Online education has many advantages. It provides enough material which is very helpful for education. Unlike the traditional way of learning, most schools lack in learning materials such as books. As long as you have your own laptop or computer and an access to the internet, you can now enroll in online courses even at home. If you think you are too busy to enroll in a college or university but you really want to study during your available time, why not? You can choose from different online courses.

Then, who are taking courses online? In fact, anyone can. In the infographic above, you can see that the average online students who take online courses are 33-year-old white women who are earning a salary of $65,000 every year. What do you think is the reason? There could be a lot of possible reasons. And one of the possible reasons is the distance of their home to the college or university campus.

Some of these women might have their own family. Probably, they were not able to finish their studies and they want to finish it by taking online courses. Others might possibly enroll to receive a lot of educational certificates for future purposes. As you can see in the above infographic, there are 70% women and only 5% men who enrolled. This can also imply that women have a higher dream in terms of educational attainment than men.

It doesn’t mean that men are content when their educational attainment is lower than women. Men are always thinking about their responsibilities in their family. According to the circumstances, men usually work immediately or look for a job even without finishing a degree.